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I just happened to watch Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles by Direk Erik Matti awhile ago. It was my first time seeing a Filipino film that was shot in green screen the entire time, and to my surprise “wow kaya pala?”. Yeah that’s what I thought. It’s a big step towards making pinoy quality films especially for the horror/thriller/suspense genre (congrats Direk Erik Matti!).  Though there were some set backs in the film (the story line was not that incredible), I do commend it for its cinematography and great visual effects. 

For some of you who are probably wondering what an aswang is. It’s a creature that feeds on human flesh but its fetish is for babies that are yet to be born (or fresh from the womb of the mother). It’s actually one of the well known mythological creatures in the Philippines, most stories come from the Western Visayan region. Tik-tik refers to the sound that the creature creates once it’s near to its prey. There are many ways to kill it, but the most popular way is to ward it off by using salt and garlic as portrayed also in the film. 

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